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As Teknikkart we manufacture and supply plastic cards. We provide card solutions, card technologies, personalisation, mailing and packaging, project development. We manufacture; - **Smart cards, - Contact smart cards - Contactless smart cards - EMV cards - Banking cards - Debit cards - Credit cards - Prepaid cards - ID cards - Loyalty cards - Gift cards - Membership cards - Transportation cards - E-signature cards - Security cards - Attendance control cards - Key cards - Pre-print cards - Unprinted cards - Custom size cards - Education cards - University cards - Student cards** Plastic Card Printing and Manufacturing Technics Printing : Offset - Silk Printing - Digital Printing (HP Indigo 5600) Size: ISO standards 86x54mm Card Thickness : ISO standards 760 mic Personalisation : Emboss- DOD - Inkjet - Termal - HP Indigo 5600 Magnetic Stripe Type : HI-CO - LO-CO Magnetic Stripe Color: Gold, Silver, Black, Brown, Green Manyetik Stripe Encoding: Track1 - Track2 - Track3 Security : UV Secure dye - Watermark - Hologram - Microtext T-Kart established as a company with 100% Turkish capital in 1997, has been continuing its existence for 20 years in production of PVC and smart card particularly identity, transportation, loyalty and bank cards. T-Kart is considered as a card producing company having flexible and economical solutions in the sector thanks to its experience, staff and high production capacity. It makes production in its facility with 9.000 m2 indoor area having cutting-edge technology machinery and equipment at every stage from card body production to personalisation applications. T-Kart continues to meet increasing customer demands in rapidly-growing card market with its expert staff and R&D studies and high security, economical, quick and high-quality service philosophy. T-Kart continues to grow; • Production of more than 450.000.000 cards so far • Over 1500 customers • Over 100 employees • Annual production capacity of 80 million card bodies • Annual personalisation capacity of 50 million cards

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Promotion Gifts Manufacturers Turkey, Turkish Companies

Promotion Gifts Manufacturers Turkey, Turkish Companies, Turkey, Istanbul, Companies Turkey, in Turkey


In 1986, ALCAN PROMOTIONS started to serve for promotion market in a 25 m2  screen printing workshop. Today, ALCAN PROMOTIONS has in Konya/Turkey 2,400 m2 factory area and is successfully producing more than hundreds kinds of products. ALCAN PROMOTIONS keeps its innovative product variety at the forefront. Expanding its product range day by day is its priority. ALCAN PROMOTIONS, which is aware of the international standards, quality and precision in wall clocks, takes the quality to the highest level with the automated-control at every stage of production. We choose the materials we use with this consciousness and with great care. The most important part of the wall clock is the clock mechanism (motor part). We use Double Winding engine which is used for big hall seats of 46 cm at all hours. This engine provides long-lasting use by reducing battery consumption, as well as carrying the large hands without difficulty. Quality Control The products are tested in the quality control department. It is important for us to take of the problems that arise due to mechanical or workmanship errors before reaching the customer. One of the most important factors for ALCAN PROMOTIONS to come to this point is the importance we give to quality. We produce and check each day 2500 pieces of wall clocks, so our customers receive our wall clocks without errors. We also guarantee customer satisfaction after sales with after sales service qualification certificate. ALCAN offers quality aesthetics and economy together. ALCAN PROMOTIONS offers variety of wall clocks and key-chains, custom design promotional items with convenient payment terms. After-sales service is provided for customer satisfaction guarantee. Today ALCAN has 30 years of production experience and capability of aluminum, plastic, chrome frames wall clocks with various sizes and PVC, ZAMAK metal and thermo leather key-chains. Annually produced 1,500,000 Piece key-chains, 500 thousand wall clock, 5 million domed labels, 100 thousand special design promotional goods production capacity. To serve promotion and gift market ALCAN has invested below machineries and facilities; Doming Label machineries Zamak Injection, Chrome, Nickel Coating Plant Gilding Unit Plain Round and curved Surface Finishing Automatic Screen Printing Machines PVC dispensing Machines Soft Enameling Machines

Products :

Promotional Items
Key Holders
Wall Clocks
Promotional Products
Wall Clock
Phone Holders
Glass Wall Clocks
Metal Key Holders
Promotional Product
Key Holder
Box Set
Promotional Item
Usb Sticks
Usb Stick
Box Sets
Promotional Labels
Custom Badges
Promotional Label
Custom Badge
Zinc Keychains
Reverse Run Wall Clocks
Curved Wall Clocks
Curved Glass Wall Clocks
Aluminium Wall Clocks
Aluminum Wall Clocks
Custom Design Badges
Magnet Clocks
Fridge Clocks
Fridge Magnet Clocks
3D Keychains
Metal Key Holder
Zinc Keychain
Reverse Run Wall Clock
Glass Wall Clock
Curved Wall Clock
Curved Glass Wall Clock
Aluminium Wall Clock
Aluminum Wall Clock