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Fuel Stations Fuel & LPG dispensers and equipments


Company Profile

OZKAR has increasingly developed in terms of technical service and product supply without conceding the principles of quality, and been opted by main fuel oil distribution companies, importers and constructing companies in terms of sectoral equipments and applications since2002. OZKAR has achieved countless of projects and service safely and by protecting the environment in accordance with international and local standards up to now and meanwhile aims to increase the supplies and services in foreign market.

OZKAR, expressing the manner of working by quality - service on promised and expected time - customer satisfaction is continually developing the studies in order to give a service according to customer needs and demands. Supplying world-wide known and acredited native and foreign originated best quality products, OZKAR created an optional product range providing several alternatives considering customer's use andadvantages.

Our main activity fields are as below;

Fuel & LPG dispensers and equipments
Submersible pumps
Tank level gauging systems
Mobile stations
Other products for stations
UPP (PE) underground piping systems
Safety and environmental products
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