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Tent Manufacturers Turkey

Tent Manufacturers Turkey

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Work-Site Tents




Contact Information
Adress: Armağan Köyü, Merkez Düz. Mahallesi, No:2, Ardeşen, Rize, Turkey
Phone: +90 464 732 71 96 Fax: +90 464 732 71 98
Company Profile:

Ayder Natural Resource Water Plant built on a total area of 7.800 m², including 5200 m² closed area.

In 2006, Ayder Water, which is the first natural spring water filling facility in Armağan Village of Ardeşen District of Rize Province in Eastern Black Sea, is proud of producing quality water to consumers at world standards.

Aydin Water, both located in minerals, as well as offering its Natural Spring Water has a unique flavor in Turkey with its high-tech precision is demonstrated in the production chain ranging from upstream citizens packaging consumption.

Export Products:


Refractory Manufacturers Turkey

Refractory Manufacturers Turkey

Magnesite Based Refractory Manufacturers Turkey
Bricks Turkish Companies
Refractory Bricks Companies Turkey
Alumina Based Refractory Bricks Made in Turkey
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Refractory Brick
Alumina Based Refractory Brick
Alumina Based Brick
Magnesite Based Refractory Brick
Magnesite Based Brick
Chrome Based Brick
Chrome Based Refractory Brick
Magnesia Carbon Brick
Fired Magnesite Brick
Silicon Carbide Brick
Alumina Brick
Fired Magnesite Chrome Brick
Alumina Based Mix
Magnesia Based Mix
Dead Burnt Magnesite


Turkey Plastic Bucket For Detergents

Turkish Detergent Companies List:
  • Ydr Teknoloji - Turkey / detergent, liquid detergent
  • Nur Kozmetik - Turkey / liquid dishes detergent, detergent, glass cleaning
  • Klenaa - Turkey / klenaa, detergent, clean
  • Firuze Dis. - Turkey / laundry detergents, detergent, detergents
  • Efe Kumanya - Turkey / spices, cleaning products, detergent
Turkish Bucket Companies List:
Turkish Buckets Companies List:
Turkish Plastic Bucket Companies List:
  • Tiva Zuccaciye - Turkey / kitchenware, plastic bucket, plastic footwear
  • Erko Plastik - Turkey / plastic pail, plastic garbage pail, plastic pails
  • Yetpack Ambalaj - Turkey / container, plastic bucket, round bucket
  • Cildan Mekatronik - Turkey / in mold labelling, plastic bucket, plastic container
  • Burak Plastik - Turkey / plastic vases, plastic vegetable bins, plastic kitchen ware
Turkish Plastic Buckets Companies List:
  • Gurlek Plastik - Turkey / chemical pails, paint packaging, plastic bucket
  • Dogan Plastik - Turkey / plastic-buckets, bottle, bottle cap
  • Konsa Gida - Turkey / buckets, plastic buckets, yogurt buckets
  • Guzel Plastik - Turkey / plastic cleaning products, plastic buckets, plastic bucket
  • Erze Plastik - Turkey / buckets, plastic buckets, containers
Turkish Plastic Pails Companies List:
  • Mauser Ambalaj - Turkey / hobbocks, plastic pails, plastic hobbocks
  • Ncg Metal - Turkey / hobbocks, plastic pails, plastic hobbocks
  • Sekeroglu Kimya - Turkey / plastic packagings, plastic pails, plastic bowls
  • Peykap Plastik - Turkey / food bucket, plastic pails, plastic
  • Erko Plastik - Turkey / plastic pail, plastic garbage pail, plastic pails
Turkish Cleaning Bucket Companies List:
Turkish Plastic Pail Companies List:
  • Erko Plastik - Turkey / plastic buckets, plastic pail, plastic garbage pail
  • Ncg Metal - Turkey / plastic jerrycan, plastic pail, drum
  • Etkin Plastik - Turkey / plastic packaging, plastic pail, plastic pails
  • Mauser Ambalaj - Turkey / plastic jerrycan, plastic pail, drum
  • Sekeroglu Kimya - Turkey / food packaging, plastic pail, round bowl
Turkish Cleaning Buckets Companies List:
  • Park Ambalaj - Turkey / cleaning and hygiene, cleaning buckets, cleaning helpfull products
  • Everest Itriyat - Turkey / water buckets, cleaning buckets, clothe basins
  • Poly Time - Turkey / plastic storage boxes, cleaning buckets, square buckets
  • Moonstar Kitchenwares - Turkey / cleaning mops, cleaning buckets, plastic cleaning buckets
  • Cetin Plastik - Turkey / cleaning sets, cleaning buckets, plastic cleaning sets
Turkish Detergent Bucket Companies List:
  • Referans Foreign - Turkey / yogurt, detergent bucket, chocolate bucket
  • Murat Plastik - Turkey / mop and handle, detergent bucket, hollow bowl
  • Saber Kimya - Turkey / detergent, detergent bucket, detergent chemical
  • Ustun Plastik - Turkey / vinegar bottle, detergent bucket, water bottle
  • Ardal Gida - Turkey / yoghurt-bucket, detergent bucket
Turkish Plastic Cleaning Buckets Companies List:
  • Cetin Plastik - Turkey / plastic cleaning sets, plastic cleaning buckets, foam makers
  • Moonstar Kitchenwares - Turkey / cleaning buckets, plastic cleaning buckets, plastic airtight products
  • Kastamonu Plastik - Turkey / plastic potties, plastic cleaning buckets, chrome plate racks
Turkish Chemical Pails Companies List:
  • Gurlek Plastik - Turkey / paint pails, chemical pails, paint packaging
  • Gurlek Plastik - Turkey / paint pails, chemical pails, paint packaging


Storage Tank Manufacturers Turkey

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Directory.  High Quality Storage Tank from Turkish Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters
Companies in Turkey.

Turkish  Storage Tank Manufacturer Companies List.

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Turkish Companies H

Turkish Companies H

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